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Let’s look at the basic rules of bet on LOL PariMatch, the basics of this discipline and the secrets of successful bets

League of Legends Betting, Tips, Odds and Strategies

League of Legends is an iconic video game where every match is a unique and spectacular experience. It is not surprising that online betting League of Legends PariMatch is in incredible demand among the clients of this bookmaker. Currently, this esports discipline is one of the three most popular in the world, so it always has a wide range and a varied schedule with many additional markets.

It is worth noting that the authors of this video game were inspired by the popular Dota 2. But unlike its predecessor, League of Legends has a simplified interface and simpler rules that are understandable even to novice players. The video game has a small number of characters with different skills, which makes betting even more simple and straightforward.

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We bring to your attention League of Legends betting tips PariMatch, which will be especially useful for beginners:

  1. Study the latest matches of all the teams that take part in the selected tournament. According to statistics, if a team has lost 5 or more games, then most likely it will be defeated in the upcoming match. Fighting spirit is one of the key aspects in any sports discipline, on which the motivation and performance of players depends.
  2. Analyze previous personal meetings of opponents. Before placing a bet, be sure to look at how the opponents showed themselves in the previous match. No matter how serious the preparation is, most teams have opponents that they will never physically be able to beat. Consider this nuance when making a bet with a bookmaker.
  3. Study the composition of the teams. Of course, League of Legends is a team sports discipline. But, as in any other sport, there are key players on whom the entire final result of the fights depends to a greater extent. Therefore, before you bet LOL esports PariMatch, make sure that key players have not been disqualified.
  4. Study the map. All League of Legends gameplay takes place on one of the 3 main maps. The most commonly used card is Summoner’s Rift. In order to increase the chances of a successful outcome of the bet, study all the subtleties of this card. This will allow you to predict which of the opponents will have leadership positions, and which team has obvious problems in teamwork.
  5. Analyze League of Legends betting markets. If you know anything about how to bet on League of Legends, then you know that the gameplay takes place on one of the three main maps. For esports, this is most likely the Summoner’s Rift map. So make sure you understand the ins and outs of building this map so you know which team has a team leader and which team might be in trouble. You can usually bet on dozens of different LoL betting markets. This means that you can bet on things like the winner of the first card versus the overall winner of the game.
  6. Try your luck by betting in real time. If you wait a few minutes before a LoL game starts, you may find that the live odds are quite different from the pre-match bets. This tactic can be a great way to better support a favorite, especially if they lose the first card.
  7. Take part in all available bonus programs. Every esports fan can get the League of Legends betting bonus PariMatch. Do not neglect such promotional offers, because they can significantly improve the gaming experience. Thanks to receiving a deposit bonus, you can open up new additional opportunities for betting. In addition, the bookmaker offers such promotional options as a refund of a lost bet or an offer with increased odds.
  8. Stick to a pre-set gaming budget. Plan your budget. Most often, the first steps in betting are unsuccessful, so beginners are forced to lose money. To ensure that possible losses are not so serious and painful for you, always stick to a predetermined budget. Even experienced players sometimes lose in losing money is nothing to worry about. But you need to control that your gaming budget does not exceed the amount that you could easily lose.

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Why is LoL betting different to traditional betting?

In order to successfully League of Legends betting PariMatchand turn this interesting pastime into a really profitable business, you need to register on the bookmaker’s website and verify your personal account. Users can then place the following types of bets:

  • Bet on the main result;
  • First blood bet;
  • Bet on the first destruction of the tower;
  • Bet on the assassination of Baron Nashor;
  • Bet on the total number of kills;
  • Bet on killing the Herald of the Abyss;
  • A bet on who will defeat the next dragon;
  • Bet on all gold;
  • Bet on the correct result.

In addition, League of Legends bets are available on individual results in major tournaments, as well as long-term betting on the championship winner (long-term forecast). To understand the differences between the markets, it is enough to watch a few games and learn the rules and terminology of this discipline. In addition, you can get acquainted with the forecasts of cappers and streamers who specialize in this discipline.

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Tournaments happening all the time means plenty of LoL betting options

There are several popular LOL events on the market, which regularly bring together the best professional players and an army of millions of fans who closely follow the gameplay. Only the best and most famous teams can participate in such tournaments. Such fights have low margins and decent odds, which makes them extremely attractive to esports fans, as they see them as a worthy source of income. We present to your attention a list of the best League of Legend events, you can find more detailed information on the bookmaker’s website or other official sources:

  • Bet on worlds
  • Bet on the LCC
  • LPL bet
  • Bet on LEK
  • Bet on LKS
  • PC bet
  • Bet on videoconferencing