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PariMatch Live Betting For Everyone

The line of betting is the first thing that potential customers of the bookmaker office pay attention to. What sports can I bet on PariMatch online? How rich is it? How much does the bookmaker offer for pre-match and live events? Going to the site and studying the line interface can be done without registration.

Additional functions of online sports betting, video broadcasts are available only to authorized and identified players. But you can look at the internet site in detail now.

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Betting line-up

The website of the bookmaker PariMatch line includes 25 sports, including cyber sports, cultural and political events. The most popular shows include football, basketball, tennis, hockey, IPL, UFC exchange bets (mixed martial arts), handball, table tennis, cyber sports at the beginning of the list.

Other sports disciplines are listed in alphabetical order. There are many exotic sports including rugby, cricket, floorball, American and Australian football.

The entertainment category includes cultural activities. (Eurovision, events, celebrity life, etc.), politics, movies, etc., such as the day humans landed on Mars.

Cybersport. 6 types of disciplines for the outcome players bet on: Counter Strike GO, Dota 2, Rocket League, StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Overwatch.

The left block lists the sports offered by the PariMatch bookmaker, in the right block – Contact Coupons. The central block shows the most popular matches which take place in real time. The number of results in additional draws can be from 100 or more for top-ranked tournaments – more than 500.

  • Winner of the match or draw
  • Exact score
  • Total and handicap
  • Best player
  • How the player will score a goal or the puck
  • Number of dangerous moments
  • Number of yellow or red cards per game
  • Whether there is a penalty shoot-out period
  • Victories including extra time
  • The winner of the half period sets the round.
  • Number of sets

The choice depends on the sport. The number of options is indicated by a number on the same line as the name of the tournament. Click on it or on a match to open an additional list of results.

You can bet on any event by adding the result to the bet slip. Types of bets offered by the bookmaker The maximum value is set by PariMatch, you need to click on the maximum inscription, the system will calculate.

  • Single Bet – Bet separately on each outcome.
  • Express – 2 results in coupons or more Winning will occur if all outcomes are justified.
  • System – 3 results in slip or more Winning will be if probability: 2 outcomes of 3, 3 outcomes of 4, 2 outcomes of 4, etc. will work.

If a match has not started yet, players have the right to either sell their bets to the PariMatch bookmaker or cancel it.

Live betting

The number of sports and matches in it depends on the start time as the Live section shows games that have already started or are about to start soon.

For example, football in PariMatch Live games will always be there as meetings are held not only in but only in the Premier League but also the qualifying competition There are usually tennis, basketball in PariMatch, other sports.

In the top online tournaments, bookmaker PariMatch offers good spreads from 100-300 resulting in extended spreads. The number of variables is indicated at the end of the line with the game name:

  • The winner of the half time round set;
  • At 5 minutes of the meeting, the player throws the ball or puck into the opponent’s basket goal.
  • Who will get a yellow card?
  • The author of the corner kick penalty;
  • Number of substitutions during the match
  • The most productive players

Results sorted by: Total, Handicap, Yellow Cards, Corners, Offside, Possession Level. The name of the tab will change depending on the sport type. The filter is located between the video broadcast window and the list of options.

Many games come with live sections of BC PariMatch online broadcasts. Players can use it after logging into their account on the BC PariMatch website.

The peculiarity of live betting is that the odds are constantly changing and you have to be quick to react. You can enable the quick bet function. (in the coupon) specify the amount The system will automatically override the fields. The player must confirm the coupon only. Another default function will accept bets when odds change if you enable – accept all odds change.

Both active and calculated bet history is displayed in the private kiosk.


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The size of the odds in PariMatch

Good odds are one of the factors players choose the bookmaker’s office. Despite deducting 13% of net proceeds, BK PariMatch offers a very good price. But it cannot be called the highest among Russian bookmakers.

Compare prices for top sports and less popular sports. For the first category is higher.

The same situation is in the competition. For professional tournaments, odds are higher for second division league qualifiers and training meetings.

The odds on pre-match events are also higher than in the live event. The reason is that the outcome of the tournament, which starts on two days a week, is difficult to predict. In live games, participants watching the game through live video can understand the strategy of the situation in the mat court. So make more accurate bets.

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Margin PariMatch

Margin at PariMatch, the bookmaker’s office, like any other bookmaker, can be calculated independently with the help of online services or formulas.

Commission = (1 / odds 1 + 1 / odds 2 – 1) * 100

The margin of PariMatch, the bookmaker’s office for online activities, is in the range of 5-8,5%.

  • For in-line events – 2-5,5%.
  • Major football matches, the bookmaker’s margin is about 2.5-3%, in the second division and other games – 3-4.5%.
  • Basketball it ranges from 3 to 4.5-5%.
  • Tennis 4.5-7.5%.
  • Cyber sports – 6.3-10%
  • Hockey – 3-5%
  • A gross margin of 2.5-8.5% is normal for other sports fields.

In PariMatch, the bookmaker’s office can choose Major and Minor matches. The lines are wide, the spread of additional results is many. The odds vary from attractive to moderate. The bookmaker has been working in the gambling market for 25 years, now the interests of the customers are protected. But only those who do not violate the rules of the TC.