PariMatch Verification


Verify your PariMatch account now and place your bets.

PariMatch is an honest online bookmaker with a long history and impeccable reputation. PariMatch has ideal conditions for betting: good odds, unique entries, bonuses for new players, promotions. Various, convenient applications for mobile playback and professional support.

Account verification is a necessary procedure for players planning to withdraw funds from their accounts at PariMatch. The process itself is not complicated. But it takes some time. Once the account is verified, players will be able to withdraw funds in the currency of the chosen account to external accounts. Please remember that only payment systems used for deposits can be withdrawn.

Let’s take a look at how to check in Parimatch, what you need to do, potential problems, and how long to check in Parimatch.

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Why do we need account verification?

Account verification is intended to protect users. After creating an account, the bookmaker’s office will offer to fill out personal information, indicating your information such as date of birth, first and last name. In addition, the betting company requires that the details of the account holder used to deposit funds are the same as the information. in profiles and in documents PariMatch’s verification process provides protection from intruders. Even if someone has access to the account – scammers will not be able to withdraw money from the account. When trying to withdraw to another card or wallet, the account will be frozen and the owner will be notified. To unblock an account, you will need to verify again in PariMatch as well as change the account password.

How do I verify my account?

The PariMatch verification process starts in the player’s profile. You can upload your documents in the section. “Account Settings” Verification in PariMatch can be used using:

  • Passport or identity card;
  • Driving license;
  • Foreign passport;

Only document photos are allowed to be uploaded. The entire page of the document must be framed and clearly distinguishable. Document scans will not be considered. PariMatch bookmaker offices can be checked using files in the format:

  • JPG;
  • JPEG;
  • GIF

The file size should not exceed 5 MB, there is no limitation for file resolution. But it should be borne in mind that the better you see the necessary information, the faster and easier it will be to verify PariMatch.

Additionally, you can upload documents in RUS, UA and ENG languages.

As soon as PariMatch verification is complete, there will be a “Verified” mark in your profile.

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บุคคลที่มีรหัสFollow a few steps to verify your account.

Problems that may arise during the audit

It’s hard to tell how long the PariMatch validation takes. Since applications are not automatically considered and users do not always follow all the instructions, support services often have backlogs. The bookmaker’s office is not specified in the conditions of consideration of the application, so the user should have patience. As practice shows, replenishing support services with questions “How long is the review in PariMatch” has no effect and the application is considered at the same pace.

However, users are not only concerned with the question “How long does it take to verify PariMatch?” Often even verified accounts will be asked for a second verification. In addition to the above documents, they may be asked to provide a tax statement or utility bill. It is usually necessary to verify that the user is not impersonating another person. Even if it takes a little time to double check But it is often the best way to protect your betting account and its funds.

All steps are aimed at improving the quality of user services. but also security Verified account holders will have access to all the bookmaker offers, including:

  • Accelerate bet calculations and payouts based on odds;
  • Support service assistance (available at all times)
  • Possibility to watch video broadcasts
  • Extensive betting lines and good odds.

It is also important that after completing the PariMatch review the user is assured that his rights will be respected according to the current law.

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In some bookmakers this procedure is required. But most bookmakers will perform a validation check or before the first withdrawal. Please note that during the review, withdrawals from the office are not allowed.

If you don’t want to be asked for your documents at inappropriate times, do so in advance. Some bookmakers have a form for entering document scans. But if you can’t, you can always contact the support service who will help you.

When registering at the office, use only real data. If you register a profile under a fictitious name after that, it will be very difficult to prove to the support service of the bookmaker office that you are not planning any illegal actions.

You should not panic when the bookmaker asks for your documents. You should understand that this is not a single action with your game, thousands of players verify their accounts every day, so take that as a given.