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To start placing bets you need to go to your personal kiosk first, let’s take a look at what PariMatch has to offer to its players in the private kiosk.

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How do I access my personal cabinet?

Immediately after the registration process in PariMatch, players are given the opportunity to enter their personal account. To log in, you need to go to the main page of the site, where in the upper right corner you will see a button. “Login”, after clicking on it a window will appear in which you must enter your data, namely your username and password.

Remember that you can sign in to your personal account with PariMatch using your email address, mobile phone number or your account number. All three of these methods can be identified as your login information. Then you will need to enter the correct password and you will be taken to the online casino website.

What might be the problem?

If you’ve paid attention to the process of entering your data when authorizing it, there shouldn’t be any problems, but try not to complete all the forms you signed into your PariMatch personal account.

An error occurred while entering data

It’s quite possible that you entered an incorrect username or password. Double-check all your details and enter them carefully. Also pay attention to the fact that you have not turned on Caps Lock, and also check the keyboard layout. Often players, instead of using their login or password in English, write it in a different format, so the system refuses to let them in.

Also keep in mind that your password is not capitalized. Password may be correct If you use capital letters instead, the system will consider the password to be invalid.

Forgot your password?

A very common situation when players forget their passwords when logging into their personal accounts. Everyone has been in this situation when you try to enter a password a few times from memory. But in the end you made a mistake. No need to panic and tear your hair off. Just click the button to restore your data, answer the secret question and voila, you can log back into your personal account. Better yet, write down your password in advance so you don’t have to go through this process.

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Force majeure

There are situations where nothing helps. You still can’t log in to the PariMatch website, but you want to bet … then it’s better to write to the support service, where in the letter describes your problem in detail, specifying what methods you have for authorization, try them. will help you deal with this problem quickly.

Login to private office

To log into the private cabinet and start playing, each player enters his or her own credentials, in the case of BC – namely email or phone account number as well as personal password. The information will be entered in the pop-up window after clicking on the button labeled “Login” located in the upper right corner of the BC web resource.

In one click

You can enter the PariMatch private kiosk only after entering your login and password in the authorization fields. One-click login is possible only if the player has entered and remembered his credentials in the computer memory. This only makes sense if no unauthorized person has access to that computer.

By phone number

You can access your personal account using your phone number and password. The phone number is entered in the box at the top of the authorization window, usually a username. The number must be entered completely. If done correctly, after the entry in the box below the password, the player will enter his personal account.

By email

You can also log in to your “real account” via email. To log into your account in this way, you need to click the button. “Login” in the upper right corner of the portal and in the window that will appear in the login field, enter the email you left when you registered. In the “Password” field, respectively, you must enter the password you received. together

Social network and messenger

Login to personal account through social networking sites and unable to send messages.

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Transfer money to friends

PariMatch rules prohibit transfers from your personal account to another player’s account.

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Personal information

In the private offices of PariMatch, after completing the verification process, the player’s personal data is accessed. This is the left name and surname, date of birth, transaction history and betting information, address, personal email address, telephone. The bookmaker guarantees not to disclose personal information to third parties and certifies that it will not be used for selfish purposes.

Overview of personal cabinets

PariMatch personal account has almost the same features as the personal account of other bookmaker offices. Here you can deposit or withdraw funds from your personal account as well as test the different slots that PariMatch has to offer. Carry out your actions and actions in your account.

The essence of the game in Parimatch is having a convenient personal account. In the mobile version, the functions are exactly the same and the interface is quite clear. Private offices, in principle, have all the necessary functions that players need in a gambling platform. Everything works quickly so no complaints.