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Football is the most popular sport that is in incredible demand among sports betting enthusiasts. It is this sport discipline that is most often chosen by novice players. According to statistics, 45% of sports bets fall on football matches. This article discusses the types of football bets, the main winning strategies, step-by-step instructions and recommendations for novice users. 

Football Betting & Odds

Only a thoughtful, competent attitude to betting, the ability to control your gaming budget and the use of strategies can guarantee you a win from a bet with a bookmaker. Don’t chase instant wins. It is better to be patient, because it is possible to beat the bookmaker only at long distances.

Let’s look at the main advantages of PariMatch bet on soccer:

  • Football is a public sport, the basics of which are understood by almost every better;
  • On many Internet resources, you can freely view video broadcasts of all top football matches;
  • Low margins and top fights. This allows you to significantly increase the size of the player’s winnings;
  • The presence of an extensive detailed list of popular football tournaments. Parimatch football bet online has over 1,000 betting markets for popular matches.
  • A huge selection of different types of bets from the bookmaker. Every gambler will be able to choose a bet that he likes. Some betters are fond of predicting results, while others are fond of statistics and bet on corners, fouls and other indicators.

But do not forget that bets on this sport discipline may have weaknesses. Such disadvantages of betting on football include a huge amount of information that allows analysts to instantly respond to changes in the pre-match scenario.

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It is also worth noting that in football there are practically no inflated odds. This is due to the high popularity and demand for this sports discipline among betters. Analysts of bookmakers are closely monitoring quotes. Therefore, even the most experienced player is unlikely to be able to find an overvalued market. Also, you can use football betting app PariMatch.

Consider the most popular types of football bets:

  1. Winner Betting
  2. Handicaps (Handicap)
  3. Total Over/Under
  4. Batteries
  5. Totals – Individual Total, Corners Total, etc.
  6. Goalscorer + Correct score
  7. Time / Match
  8. double chance

How do I bet on Football?

Consider a soccer betting guide PariMatch that will be especially useful for beginners who are just starting their journey in the sports betting industry:

  1. Choosing a bookmaker It is this item that is the primary task for a novice user. After all, the whole game process depends on the bookmaker. Make sure that the chosen bookmaker has all the necessary international gambling licenses, then you can be sure of your winnings and enjoy the gaming process in peace. And best of all, use the services of Parimatch – a reliable and reputable bookmaker, where all your bets will be protected by law.
  2. Registration and verification of a personal account. During registration, you must specify in the registration form all the necessary personal data: full name, phone number, email address, age, strong password, you must also select the currency for the game account. In order to verify your account, you will need to present a photo with a passport or a scanned copy of a document that confirms your identity.
  3. Choosing a payment method and replenishing the account. Users of the Parimatch bookmaker can use any of the popular and common payment methods. After choosing a payment method, you will need to make the first deposit to the game account. Don’t forget to use your first deposit bonus.
  4. Make a bet with a bookmaker. After you have completed all of the above points, you can proceed directly to football betting. Choose the football match you are interested in, the appropriate type of bet and click on the appropriate odds. After that, your bet slip will be generated.

How do odds work on Football?

Experienced players who are familiar with all the rules and nuances of this sports discipline will be able to easily bet with a bookmaker on football matches. But for novice bettors, it’s better to learn the basics first, because only this will allow you to make a successful bet. Learn all the features of the analysis of football matches and the betting mode that suits you. Users of the Parimatch bookmaker can place bets in the pre-match before the start of the match, or in real time.

Football is an incredibly popular sport, so the painting in live mode is in no way inferior to the pre-match format. Let’s highlight the main advantages of betting on football:

  • excellent conditions for analysis;
  • increased betting limits;
  • low margin;
  • exclusive bonus programs and promotional offers for certain events;
  • a large number of live broadcasts of popular matches.

football bet tips

Football Betting Recommendations

Experienced players always use strategies and betting systems to increase their chances of winning. When betting on football, you should not rely only on good intuition or luck. In order to get a stable profit, it is better to follow the advice of experienced players and use one of the popular working strategies.

Consider soccer betting strategy PariMatch:

  • Bets on a draw;
  • Bets on yellow cards;
  • Bets on total goals;
  • Oscar Grind Strategy;
  • Hedging bets;
  • Round-robin bets.

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In addition, we want to bring to your attention PariMatch bet tips football from experienced players:

  • Use only the best odds. Every professional bettor has long learned that there is a huge difference between 1.8 and 1.85 odds. Therefore, if you do not bother with such trifles, you should not expect big winnings from betting on football.
  • Take advantage of negotiated and arbitrage rates. Arbitrage betting is a game on the difference in odds in different bookmakers. Such bets are sometimes referred to as “forks”. Bets are made on mutually exclusive events in a sports match – victories, totals, exact score, etc. The main condition is that the results of a sporting event in a match, on which a bet is made, should be no more than 3. It is arbitrage betting that can guarantee the highest chances for a successful outcome of bets.
  • Read up-to-date expert forecasts. For novice players, it will be useful to get the opinion of more experienced experts. But you should not completely rely on their opinion, because experience does not always mean success.
  • Keep a betting diary. In such a diary, it is necessary to note the accounting of completed bets, note your gaming budget and describe the chosen strategies for football betting. Such a diary will help you become more patient, focused and disciplined. This will increase your chances of winning.