Features of tennis betting in bookmaker Parimatch

Tennis is a popular sport today, yes, football is probably never overtaken. But for many gamblers of Parimatch, tennis comes first. This is because it is a singles sport and there are no draws here. general style of tennis betting how to make accurate predictions what you need to pay attention How to achieve maximum profits in the long distance – a list of topics that will be covered in this article.

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Tennis can be summarized in the following words:

  • dynamic.
  • It’s popular.
  • profitable
  • individual.
  • Notable International Competitions:
  • Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon)
  • Davis Cup.
  • lecturer
  • ATP and WTA competitions

Also, keep in mind that tennis is an Olympic sport that increases its presence in the global community.

Based on this, bookmaker Parimatch closely monitors tennis. Promote and offer customers the most suitable playing conditions. As a rule, tennis ranks second among bookmakers immediately after football.

due to tennis bets are individual games and not teams. So the forecasting methods are different. Beginners in betting should first learn the rules of tennis. It is important to turn on high quality live broadcasts and watch at least 10 matches.

General concepts in tennis Parimatch

For those who are not familiar with the new sport discipline by themselves. Let’s consider the initial concept. The court is a playground for two athletes. One acts, the other takes, and vice versa. A duel consists of a costume (party) and a game (individual player’s serve drawing). To win a game, you must score a win by 4 consecutive points (40: 0) to bring victory. A game can last very long if the score is consistent 40:40. In this case, either side must score 2 consecutive points (AD: 40). The number of games depends on the rules of the tournament. TBS means play until someone reaches 3. set, in other words The maximum number of sets in a Grand Slam match is 5. In the remaining matches you must win 2 games (maximum three sets and score 2: 1).

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How to bet on tennis Parimatch?

You can find most of the instructions on our website. In this post, we will only briefly discuss this topic. The first things to consider and keep in mind when playing tennis betting are:

  • Types of tennis bets in the bookmaker office Read more about it here.
  • Player stats, everything is important from previous results. face to face All the way to statistical indicators: Aces, Double Errors, Winners, etc.
  • Tournaments All athletes put their best in the big tournaments. There is also a certain type of athlete who plays well at home. Some people are close to a certain type of weather. with another There are no trifles in sports and betting. Parimatch, even the smallest detail has to be considered. If an elite tennis player participates in a small tournament You need to find out why he did that. Maybe you need to get fit for an important competition. or the person returns after being injured. There could be a number of reasons.
  • Watching the video in real time will help define a tennis player’s style. It is important to study not only how the TOP-10 representatives play, it is advisable to look at the maximum number of matches throughout the season to find the maximum number with respect to the top hundred.
  • Service, receiving, playing near the net, reaction – often features like on Wikipedia, but it’s worth seeing for yourself how this or that player can surprise you on the pitch by turning on the live stream.
  • Lack of motivation can play cruel jokes on gamblers. Watch the news feed, study tennis interviews. See if players want to defend their points or positions in upcoming matches. You need to visualize how the athlete is consistent with the upcoming competition, whether they are motivated or not, and whether they plan to do their best.

We continue to practice the fundamentals of tennis. For some, this is a new sport that requires gradual study of nuances. For more experienced gamblers This content will only be partially useful. In this post, we will discuss the features of tennis betting in bookmakers.

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Choosing a bookmaker

We have published many useful articles on tennis, how to bet and what you should pay attention to on our website. Now let’s talk about another important step – choosing a bookmaker for betting. Parimatch with tennis It seems that searching for questions couldn’t be easier. But here should be understood in more detail. No ads, only tips for choosing a Parimatch bookmaker.

  • rate calculation

First, before registering Please read the bookmaker company rules again. Site operators do not copy rules from each other. same as line Each organization sets its own rules. Includes rules for calculating tennis bets. What is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Refusing one of the athletes to continue the game One company will refund. The other company will set a negative value.
  • Best tiebreak pairs. Some bookmakers have super tiebreaks for 1 game while others have 10 points – 10 games.
  • Statistical Betting Where will the bookmaker take the information to calculate the bet based on statistics? In general, read all the lines of the bookmaker rules in text format.

Margin, variety, high odds, fast payouts, high quality live mode, easy to use interface – and this is not a list of all the elements you need to pay attention to.

View matches and statistics

Let’s move on. Next up are two more important elements that can and should be combined:

This season lasts 11 months. Every day, the dedicated site adds dozens of matches with the ability to view battles in real time. Physical control of even 70% of the competition is unrealistic. Several meetings took place at the same time. So a short summary of the best moments of the race will help. Highlights are regularly posted on YouTube videos hosted on the official tennis channel, 5 minutes of free time, and you already know roughly what happened in the previous meeting.

Watching the match live and through short videos will help you learn everything about tennis players:

  • The physical condition of the player level of mental stability
  • Style, play style.
  • Which surface is best for athletes?
  • Service level, reception, backyard and net play.
  • Whether the person is happy with the clown or is serious about each duel on the field.
  • As a shooter against opponents from TOP-10 and TOP-100
  • Can he deal with the “received” etc.?
  • An uncomfortable list of opponents and vice versa, who are always easy to play.